Age 18-36 months
Toddler & Me;
Wednesday 5-5:30pm
*Discover music, movement, stretches, and some special bonding time with your child.
Ages 3-5
Monday 5-5:30pm or Wednesday 6-6:30pm- Twinklestars Ballet
Monday 5:30-6pm or Wednesday 6:30-7pm- Twinklestars Tap
*Explore and begin to learn the basics of ballet & tap in these fun-filled classes.
Ages 6-8
Monday 6-6:45pm- SparklersBallet
6:45-7:30pm- Sparklers Tap/Jazz
*Continue learning the basics of ballet, tap, jazz in these awesome classes.
Ages 8-10
Thursday 4:30-5pm- Dazzlers Tap
5-5:45pm- Dazzlers Ballet
5:45-6:15pm- Dazzlers Jazz
*Perfect the basics and keep building and learning new skills.
Specialty Classes & Competition Company K-5th grade;
Beginner Acro; Tuesday 5:45-6:15pm (Ages 6+)
*Learn basics of tumbling & gymnastics, gain flexibility & strength

Petite Company Competition Jazz Team; Thursday 6:15-6:45pm
*Learn a CREATIVE & FUN Jazz dance and be a part of a competition team!