Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence!
We are Moving to a New Location! 211 1st St. SE Austin

  • Small class sizes

  • Fun, energetic, structured classes

  • Highly Quality of Curriculum & Instruction

  • Professionally trained & encouraging Instructors

  • Several performance opportunities & entertaining recitals for all ages

  • Fun events & summer camps

  • Beautiful larger Dance studio, new dance floor

  • Top Award Winning Competition Groups & Choreography

Our Teaching Methods & Philosophy-
Instilling a  love/passion for dance, confidence in your abilities, & good strong
character is very important to B.D.C.  We uphold strong morals & values, instill
strength of character, & accountability.  We pride ourselves in creating a fun,
energized, & structured atmosphere for our classes.  Each student is able to learn at
their own pace, with instructors constantly correcting & encouraging students.   It is
also very important to teach each dancer how to perform on stage with style,
personality, confidence, & energy. To dance with all of your heart & soul, and to let
go and have a blast.  Music, costumes, & choreography are always age appropriate.
We offer recreational & competitive dance training.  To accommodate those dancers
who just want to have fun, and others who want to become a professional.  There
are many benefits to taking dance classes, it increases; flexibility, coordination,
grace, posture, poise, rhythm, memory, & self esteem. At B.D.C. we love to give back
to the community; always giving to charities and helping out around the
community. We love to acknowledge our students accomplishments on & off the
dance floor!